GM conditionally OKs $650M Nevada mine investment

The investment is contingent on the Thacker Pass project clearing environmental and legal challenges.

Monopoly Lake Tahoe edition on sale now

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is the first nonprofit to be featured in a Monopoly game.

Gilman: Partner wants to build ring road around Fernley

Gilman said plans for the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center II include the ring road.

Nevada casinos close out 2022 with record gaming revenue figures

Nevada finished 2022 with more than $14.8 billion in gaming revenue.

Jim Valentine: What to do with the inspection reports

It is prudent when you buy a home to get an inspection by a professional inspector. There are several types of inspections that are available, but it will depend on the property and its location as to which ones you may choose to have done for you. The two most common are the pest inspection and the physical inspection.

Kelly Bullis: Retirement incentives and changes

Many retirement changes start in 2023, and more in 2024. Here’s a few that were in the recent update to the Secure Act that came up in 2023. The age for requiring Minimum Distributions (RMD) of retirement plans goes up from 72 to 73. If you turned 72 in 2022, then you still must take your RMD for 2022 by April 1. The excise tax for not taking an RMD on time is dropping from a whopping 50 percent (ouch!) to 25 percent and lower to only 10 percent if the failure is corrected in a timely manner (do it as soon as you discover you missed the RMD date).

Comma Coffee temporarily closed for health violations

The downtown business closed following suspension of its license by the Carson City and Douglas County Public Health Regional Partnership.

Recipe: Chicken chardonnay by David Theiss

Preparing my menu list for the weeks ahead I notice I eat a lot of chicken.

JoAnne Skelly: The winter gardener

It may be hard to believe, but February is just around the corner. Although there are usually storms around Presidents’ weekend, some days in February are often relatively mild. I remember temperatures in the low 70s some years. And, while those warmer days are welcome, newbies to the area often think winter is over and get anxious to start gardening again. Long-time Northern Nevada gardeners know better.

Tesla announces $3.6 billion investment in electric semi-truck manufacturing in Northern Nevada

Tesla intends to invest $3.6 billion in battery and electric semi-truck manufacturing in Northern Nevada, expanding the company’s presence and the clean energy industry in the state, the White House said Tuesday.

Nevada's major casinos net $4.1 billion in 2022

The net of $26.4 billion in total revenue is $10 billion more than pandemic-impacted 2021.

Reno developer welcomes return of office culture, touts business hotels

Par Tolles and other business leaders have built a company culture dependent on personal interaction.

Jim Valentine: Real estate in the snow

Snow doesn’t stop the real estate industry in Northern Nevada.

Developer: Northern Nevada ‘industrial eco-system’ on the move

Par Tolles says there is plenty of interest in Reno and Las Vegas.

Nevada cannabis regulators issue product pesticide advisory

Nevada marijuana regulators have issued a health and safety advisory about widely available legal cannabis products produced in the Las Vegas area during the last 16 months using plants treated with an unapproved pesticide.